The Omen of a Good Gaming Laptop -HP Omen Review

picture of hp omen gaming laptopYou would never mind getting an omen in the form of the HP Omen gaming laptop. After several years of pause from the issuing of gaming laptops, HP company had opened the door of gaming laptop industry once again. Their HP Omen laptop, which is priced under 2000, is a form of temptation. This laptop offers a slim, lightweight chassis, which is said to look more like a piece of art than a gaming laptop. This premium gaming laptop is literarlly a performance beast with its Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M graphics card and Core i7 CPU.


The creative directors at the HP sure do know how to make a stylish gaming laptop just like HP Omen is. This gaming laptop eschews light and bright colors of its competitors. The HP Omen is made of jet-black machined aluminum. The lid of this gaming notebook is wider than its base, so it resembles an upside-down trapezoid. HP Omen’s top is dimpled with many tiny triangles that subtly accentuate the raised chrome letters which spell Hewlett-Packard. The undercarriage of this gaming laptop is attractive, too. Half of its undercarriage is made of tiny raised pyramids and the other half is triangular outcuts. This laptop also features a chrome hinge and multicolored backlit keyboard. The dimensions of this gaming notebook are 38.35 x 24.63 x 1.98 centimeters. Its frame weights at 2.17 kilograms.


This ¬†gaming notebook features a 1920×1080-pixel Full HD touchscreen. The diameter of this laptop’s screen is 15.6-inch. The display of this laptop delivers its users rich and vibrant colors while playing games and watching movies.


Although the backlit island-style keyboard may look appealing, it has several issues of its own. The main problem of its keyboard is typing on its island-style keys.


After 15 minutes of watching a YouTube video, the temperature of this laptop’s touchpad was 32.22 degrees. Also, after watching the video, the keyboard temperature of the HP Omen laptop was 37.77 degrees. This laptop tends to overheat during the time of playing video games on it. Its massive fan tends to be noisy at times, but it does its primary job properly.


Because of its particular design, the ports of the HP Omen are located differently than on other gaming laptops. On the right side of this notebook, you will find only the 2-in-1 card reader. Most of this laptop’s ports are located on its rear aspect, where the four USB 3.0 ports are located, an HDMI port, DisplayPort, headset jack, and the power-in port jack.


The omens of HP Omen’s good performance are its 2.5-GHz Intel Core i7-4710HQ CPU and 16GB of RAM. These performance features suggest that this laptop is capable of running top notch and demanding games flawlessly. This gaming laptop had performed very well on many benchmark tests.

Final Thoughts

The HP Omen can easily be proclaimed as one of the best-looking laptops ever released. Behind its good looks is a powerful machine that can run newly issued demanding video games.


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