How to Choose a Gaming Laptop under 700 USD?

very good lenovo laptopOn this article, we will answer the most Frequently Asked Questions when looking for a gaming laptop under 700. 700 USD was the magic number we came to get a decent laptop to go along with for the next 2 to 3 years and have an excellent gaming experience.

Can I get a gaming laptop under 700 USD?

Yes. Despite the fact than an excellent performance can be easily achieved if your budget ranges between 1500 and 2000 USD, it is possible to get it for 700 USD. You’ll just have to dig a little more to find the right deal.

From discounted laptops, refurbished or even used, you can get as low as 600 USD. If you also wish to sacrifice some performance such as HD capacity or RAM, you can get as low as 350 USD.

Should I look for a Touchscreen on my Gaming Laptop?

No. If you feel attracted to touchscreens or convertible laptops, then you are not a real gamer. Most games using touch screen features were initially developed for cell phones or tablets. Real games for computers need performance.

Is it true Intel will offer the best chipset for gaming?

No. You can find some great deals with AMD on it. You can also end up with a slow laptop having Intel Inside. It all depends on speed. There is not much difference between the different generations on processors when it comes to gaming, but velocity can make a difference. Don’t choose anything below 2 GHz.

My favorite game supports 4K. Should I look for a laptop to support 4K?

No. Whereas it is tempting to get the latest resolution, 4K is going to require more performance from your graphic card. You will prefer a smooth run on your graphics than more resolution you won’t even see on a small screen. Supporting 4K is pretty expensive now, and you would like to stick to Full HD for now, which is also compatible with 4K games.

Are GPU and CPU the same thing?

No. GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit, and it is commonly used to name the memory capacity of your video card when it is not embedded in your motherboard. You want a separate video card for gaming.

CPU, on the other hand, stands for Central Processing Unit, and it is not as important as GPU when it comes to gaming. CPU refers to your processor, and you should check the velocity and generation, giving the more importance to speed.

Is GeForce GTX 480M the best video card for gaming?

Yes, if you look into the current NVidia offer. No, if you look into what the whole market has to offer. This particular model can be equivalent to AMD R9 M290X.

Do I need Intel i7 for Gaming?

No. You can choose from Intel i3, and you will get a good gaming experience. AMD is also an option. Since the video card does most of the processing, don’t worry too much about processors.

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